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irMed Hyperbarics is one of the largest, most trusted and certified full-service, full-time resellers for Summit to Sea, offering mild portable hyperbaric chambers. 
We pride ourselves in our commitment to our customer service and support for those seeking mild hyperbaric equipment. 

Our Mission is to seamlessly integrate Mild Hyperbaric Therapy into your home or business.

Our Services include the sale of New or Used Mild Hyperbaric equipment to short term rentals or long term leasing and financing options.

We have the knowledge and the professionalism to effectively explain why AirMed Hyperbarics and Summit to Sea is the BEST choice for you!

Our Promise is to support you both pre and post sale. Our customer service sets us apart from all the rest. If you are new to us, let us show you why in our professional opinion, Summit to Sea is leading the industry in quality, innovation and price.

So, click here to view our Chambers and don't hesitate to give us a call at 615-819-2334.

Regarding Medical Equipment Sales:

ALL Portable hyperbaric chambers are Class II medical devices and require a Physicians Prescription. You or your physician must fax (or scan and email) us a copy directly for you sale to be final. Businesses purchasing hyperbaric equipment for use in an office or clinic setting are required to send us a copy of your Federal Tax ID papers.

Legal Disclaimer

The information provided throughout this website is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. AirMed Hyperbarics makes no claims in regards to the effectiveness of "hyperbaric therapies" in the treatment of specific conditions. As "hyperbaric therapies" are considered medical treatment, please consult your physician regarding the benefits and application of such therapies. The term "hyperbaric therapies" includes: hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HBOT, hypberaric therapy, HBT, mild hyperbaric therapy, MHT, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, mildHBOT, and any other derivations including the keyword "hyperbaric".

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